Currently Seeking Directors? Twitter: The Film

I've sat on this email for a bit, busy with other stuff, and he hardly needs my help with publicity, but Irish filmmaker Frank Kelly is putting together a documentary — entitled 140, naturally, after the number of permitted characters per update — about Twitter, and its sudden ascendancy as a binding social media tool/outlet. It will involve 140 filmmakers in 140 different locations around the world. The additional rub? They will shoot for 140 seconds simultaneously.

As Kelly explains: "The theme is connection. I'm asking the filmmaker what it is that connects them to their home. It can be anything they want — a landscape, cityscape, a sunrise, a wife, husband, child... it doesn't matter. But it has to be captured in 140 seconds and at the same time as everyone else. I will designate a time and then give the call 'Action' on my cellphone. Everyone will receive the message at the same time and we will all start shooting together. A single moment of connection through film and the Internet, captured."

This could be scattershot brilliant, or maybe not, but at the very least it has the potential to say something interesting about new intersections of life, community and technology; it crucially depends on some of the vetting/selection, though. Regardless, I look forward to checking back in on this. Filming is set to commence June 21. For more information, click here, or... well, just go to Twitter.


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