Termination Point

Starring erstwhile Beverly Hills, 90210-er Jason Priestley and La Bamba's Lou Diamond Phillips, Termination Point follows an inventor of a teleportation device who has disappeared with this classified time-travel technology, and must be found before repercussions from potential time shifts threaten to destroy the Earth. Playing like a cross between Stephen King's short story "The Langoliers" and some anonymous actioner from Wesley Snipes, circa 1999, that never quite got made, this cut-rate cable programmer will provide diversionary intrigue for huge fans of the Sci-Fi Channel, but few others.

Special Agent Caleb Smith (Priestley) is a man on a mission. When the mysterious, covert Alpha Stream Project is compromised and military time-travel technology is stolen by rogue scientist Dr. Daniel Winter (Phillips), Agent Smith leads an all-out government manhunt to get it back. Winter is determined not to let this all-powerful weapon fall back into the hands of the military, however. When Agent Smith finally tracks down his target, he must risk everything — including his wife Claire (Stefanie von Pfetten) and young daughter, who were on a commercial aircraft that entered a wormhole — in order to stop the weapon from being unleashed on the world. Planes vanish, time distorts, Priestley glowers, and the very existence of mankind hangs in the balance.

Written by Peter Sullivan and directed by the intriguingly named Jason Borque, Termination Point is relatively bad in ways perhaps expected (the special effects, to quote Butt-Head, aren't very special), but also, more than that, just kind of sigh-inducing and disappointing. Phillips chiefly acts with his goatee, and Priestley (pretty good in 1997's Love and Death on Long Island, let's not forget) stoops to overly demonstrative television acting-type cues. Dutifully balancing "thrills" and shoot-'em-down chest-thumping to match a buzzed score, Sullivan and Borque never tap into their conceit's conspiratorial element in a truly interesting manner.

Housed on DVD in a regular plastic Amray case, Termination Point is presented in 1.85:1 anamorphic widescreen, and features an exclusive, 16-minute behind-the-scenes featurette that includes interviews with all the principal on-screen players, as well as director Borque. These congratulatory EPK-style chats are all shot on location, which makes for a slightly amusing interruption when nearby cows start mooing wildly and disrupting the audio. Priestley and Phillips discuss how they first met (playing poker, over 15 years ago, for those scoring at home), and all invovled chat up Borque as an effective, quick lenser. Previews for six additional Sony titles — The Lazarus Project, The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep, Denis Leary's Rescue Me, Hancock, Kabluey and My Mom's New Boyfriend — are also included, rounding out the spare supplemental extras. To purchase Termination Point on DVD via Amazon, click here. C- (Movie) C (Disc)


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